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Better Communications.

Better Organizations.

Better Performance.

We improve individual and organizational performance. Whether you seek to gain new members or secure sponsors, the building blocks are the same – choosing the right words, shaping your messages and stories, and delivering them effectively. As a boutique communications consulting firm, we guide you through the process to develop unified and compelling communications.

Our Success Framework™ blends the best parts of marketing, development, engagement, strategic planning, and storytelling (Testimonials and Success Stories).

The Chief Storyteller® team can complement and extend your current activities or be your outsourced marketing department.

We quickly ramp up getting to know your world and are adept at developing messages and deliverables for association, not-for-profits, charities, and foundations. We work with you to cultivate mindshare from a target group, attract visitors to a particular place, promote a cause or social issue to a specific consumer segment, or encourage others to contribute to the success of a cause-related organization.

Highlights include:

  • Inspired more than 36,000 people in nearly a dozen countries
  • 30+ comprehensive knowledge modules
  • 50+ deliverables (see below)
  • 100+ insightful exercises delivered in a fun way to maximize interest and retention
  • Ever growing library of easy-to-use training aids

Based on your goals, we provide coaching, training (topics), and consulting. Here are some examples:


- Value Proposition / Elevator Speech
- Coaching for development
- Coaching for communications
- Presentations
- Storytelling
    . Organizational / Corporate
    . Executive and Personal
- Website Content and Design
- Success Stories / Member Stories
- Sponsor Proposals
- Plans & Strategy Documents
- Public Relations


      - Social Media
    . Content Curation
    . LinkedIn
    . Twitter
    . SlideShare
    . Blogs
    . YouTube
- Awareness & Engagement
   . Newsletters
   . Articles
   . Brochures
- Thought leadership through public speaking





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