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You eat the lunches of the other presentation training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference.

— Wayne Jackson
Senior Advisor
Charles Schwab

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Your "Personal Trainer" for Public Speaking

What if? What if your next presentation closed that big deal, secured agency funding, inspired your organization to new heights, engaged conference audiences, and so forth? What difference could that “right presentation” mean to you?

For the past 25 years, your public speaking "personal trainer," Ira Koretsky, has trained and coached thousands of professionals around the world (success stories, testimonials, customers). He has worked with large and small organizations such as Department of Energy, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Warner Bros. Audience sizes range from intimate groups of less than 10 to keynotes above 1,200 attendees (view clips of Ira speaking). Currently, he also teaches public speaking at the University of Maryland.

In the early days of his career, he was often evaluated on his public speaking skills. And often, he had to teach himself the new skills needed to advance. A few years after starting The Chief Storyteller®, he created the Inspire Action™Public Speaking System (see below for details) to make learning and skill-building easier and faster. The system focuses on three main factors in inspiring audiences:

1.  Compelling Stories:  Use personal experience stories to engage hearts and minds
2.  Engaging Visuals:  Ensure your audiences immediately grasp the message in your graphics
3.  Dynamic Delivery:  Hold the audience’s attention, from beginning to end

Ira will be your “personal trainer” for public speaking. Whether newly promoted or an executive today, he will help you take your career to the next level.

Together, you will develop a customized plan to help you reach your goals (examples below).

During your meetings, he provides BOTH coaching advice and hands-on training. As you build your skills, he provides a variety of exercises and practice drills (examples below) for you to work on during and in between our meetings.

"I know this is an important investment for you. Let’s schedule a free 15-minute call and see if we are a good mutual fit" -- Ira

Types of Public Speaking Where We Can Help

The Inspire Action™Public Speaking System was designed around a structured and flexible process. Structured in the sense of providing specific advice, hands-on training, and skill-building exercises. Flexible in the sense of offering more than 35 modules customized to your goals (see below).

Whether you are "New and dreading public speaking" or a "Seasoned pro" Ira can help. He can help you with Sales Meetings; Capabilities Presentations (Government); In-Process Reviews; Executive Team Briefings; Conference Sessions; Board Meetings; Keynote Presentations; Training Workshops; Investor Roadshow Pitches; Moderator and Panelist Sessions; All-hands Team Meeting; and more.

The Inspire ActionTM Public Speaking System

The system spans five categories and more than 35 modules. The categories include 1) Speaking & Presenting; 2) Building Relationships; 3) Persuasion & Influence; 4) Communication; and 5) Workplace Storytelling.

Example modules include Better Tomorrow MessageTM; Connecting with Audiences, Executive Presence; Effective Delivery (e.g., body language, word selection, vocal variety); Building Confidence; Today Stories; Signature Stories; Powerful Openings; and Inspiring Closings.

Example tools include Storytelling Framework; Verb List; Fountain of Knowledge; Analysis of Audience; and Speaker Evaluation.

Example exercises include Story-on-the-Spot; 1-2-5-10; In A [Blank], With a [Blank; Yes And; and Noun Engine.

Email or call for your Public Speaking Effectiveness Review, a no-obligation 15-minute call/Skype to answer your most important questions.

Video Clip of Ira Koretsky Speaking

Here is a full video of Ira speaking on the topic of workplace storytelling.