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You eat the lunches of the other presentation training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference.

— Wayne Jackson
Senior Advisor
Charles Schwab

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Excite Audiences.

Overcome Objections.

Inspire Action.

What if? What if your next presentation closed that big deal, secured agency funding, inspired your organization to new heights, engaged conference audiences, and so forth? What difference could that “right presentation” mean to you?

When they come to us, speakers, trainers, and professionals alike ask, "How can I make a bigger impact?" "How can I be more memorable?" "How can I truly inspire action?"

The Chief Storyteller® has identified 3 keys to a killer presentation:
   1.  Compelling Stories:  Use personal experience stories to engage hearts and minds
   2.  Engaging Visuals:  Ensure your audiences immediately grasp the message in your graphics
   3.  Dynamic Delivery:  Hold the audience’s attention, from beginning to end

Based on 27 years of consulting and coaching professionals, speakers, and trainers from around the world (success stories and testimonials), the Inspire Action™ system helps you become the type of presenter you want to be. And become the type of presenter audiences want to see. Email or call for your Presentation Effectiveness Review, a no-obligation 15-minute call/Skype to answer your most important questions.

Whether you are a "New and Dreading the Event" Speaker or a Seasoned Pro, we can help.

Examples include:  Sales Meeting, Capabilities Presentation (Government), In-Process Review, Executive Team Briefing, Conference Session, Board Meeting, Training Workshop, Investor Roadshow Pitch, Moderator and Panelist, All-hands Team Meeting, and more...

Be the Presenter You Want to Be


  This is where we start...Together we storyboard for messaging and layout. Then we develop an inspiring title, conceptual images for each slide, calls-to-action, and key take-aways for your audience.  

  Here we work on just the content--the words. Together, we identify slide titles and messages. Then identify what best belongs on the slide in terms of text, graph, quote, audience exercise/interaction, personal experience story, and more. When it comes to personal stories, your story is shaped from your experiences into a clear and compelling workplace/business message. 

We'll collaborate on an attention-getting opening and inspiring, call-to-action closing.


  The Chief Storyteller® team offers Presentation and Communications Coaching on an on-going basis or for a specific event.

Among the many areas we cover, here are some examples: 
- Build your confidence, address anxiety, and reduce filler words
- How to design an engaging presentation in 30 minutes
- Master Questions & Answers (Q&A)
- Deliver well-told, inspiring personal stories with clear workplace/business message
- Engage audiences more with effective body language (e.g., eye contact, gestures, smiles)
- "Speaking Enhancements" (Our special sauce)


  The Chief Storyteller® team can also provide a professional presentation cover and a slide template as well as develop the presentation slides themselves. We can select pictures, recommend best practices for graphs, suggest fonts, and select/insert videos.






























Start today. Email or call for your Presentation Effectiveness Review.