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Better people. Better organizations. Better performance.  <Learn more>


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Better people. Better organizations. Better performance.  <More>

Our business isn’t easy for an outsider to understand. Your pre-interviews and homework really made the difference. I came away with specific suggestions that I could incorporate immediately – without having to buy into a brand new way of going about my day.

— Nicole Halloran
Business Development Manager
Appleton Coated

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Fresh Perspectives.

Enthusiastic Participation.

Inspiring Ideas.

Expand your knowledge and skill sets with immersive, customized programs designed around real-world challenges you and your team face. Based on more than 25 years of experience, Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller®, developed these training and workforce development programs to improve individual and organizational performance.

Within minutes, he will forever change the way you approach communicating. Ira...
- Encourages you to put your ideas into action with his passionate speaking style
- Fosters enthusiastic participation with fun and relevant exercises 
- Creates a memorable programs by blending improvisational humor and business storytelling

Your program is tailored to your talent development goals. Ira is happy to blend programs together as well as customize content to suit your needs. Ask about the Communications Assessment. Ira uses the results to further customize your workshops, training, and coaching.

He is easy to work with. Generous with his time and ideas, Ira spends time with the planning team and executive leadership to ensure the concepts, exercises, and take-aways are aligned to their goals.

Ira is an in-demand trainer, speaker, and coach, inspiring over 36,000 people around the world. Click for Biography, Testimonials, Success Stories, and Client List.


  • No More “But”Heads:  Build Stronger Workplace Relationships with Positive Words and Body Language
  • “Yes And:”  How to Use Improvisational Humor Techniques to Improve Your Influence and Effectiveness
  • Active Listening:  How to Make Conversations More Meaningful
  • Dealing with Difficult:  How to Communicate Effectively with Difficult Personalities
  • 3,887 Steps to Excite Non-Technical Audiences with Your Ideas
  • Building and Enhancing Your People Skills


  • Be Unforgettable:  Turn Your Personal Experiences into Message-Driven Stories that Generate Action
  • "What Do You Do?"  How to Develop a "Wow! Tell Me More" 30-Second Story (Elevator Speech)
  • Storytelling for Scientists & Techies


  • Leverage LinkedIn:  How to Build Your Persuasive Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  • Unleash the Power of Social Media Storytelling


  • Designing Persuasive Presentations
  • Speak Like TED:  5 Strategies to become as Inspiring and Memorable as the World's Top Speakers
  • How to Talk about Yourself When You Hate Talking about Yourself
  • Presentations for Scientists & Techies

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