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You eat the lunches of the other presentation training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference.

— Wayne Jackson
Senior Advisor
Charles Schwab

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Grow Your Association

Are you seeking to increase revenue, sponsorships, attendance? Enhance customer service? Or improve communications effectiveness? Ira Koretsky, CEO of The Chief Storyteller®, ensures your programs provide proven tools and techniques to accelerate your association's success, whatever your goals.

His insights are built on more than 25 years consulting, training, and coaching. Clients include small to very large associations, Fortune 50 companies, universities, and government agencies. 

Ira has inspired over 36,000 people from nearly a dozen countries. Click for Biography, Testimonials, Success Stories, and Client List.

Ask about the Communications Assessment.  Ira will use the results to further customize your engagement.


  • Storytelling for Development Professionals
  • How to Become a (Much) Better Storytelling Association
  • "What Do You Do?"  How to Develop a "Wow! Tell Me More" 30-Second Story (Elevator Speech)
  • Build Stronger Brands and Loyal Fans with Better Communications


  • Executive Storytelling:  How Leaders Use Stories to Engage, Persuade, and Inspire
  • The Language of Leadership:  How to Effectively Use Your Words, Body, and Voice
  • How to Become a Recognized Thought Leader


  • No More “But”Heads:  Build Stronger Workplace Relationships with Positive Words and Body Language
  • "Yes And:"  How to Use Improvisational Humor Techniques to Improve Your Influence and Effectiveness
  • Treat Everyone Like a CEOTM:  Create Better Experiences through an Empowering Perspective


  • Leverage LinkedIn:  How to Build Your Persuasive Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  • Unleashing Social Media


  • How to Design High Impact Presentations Like the World’s Greatest Communicators
  • Speak Like TED:  5 Strategies to become as Inspiring and Memorable as the World's Top Speakers
  • Storytelling for Scientists & Techies
  • Presentations for Scientists & Techies

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