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We are always looking for great content for our blog and article library. Please read below for suggested topics, sample guest blog posts, and submission guidelines.

Suggested Topics

Your topic should relate to content development and communications in some way. Here are some suggestions:

Social Media
Networking    Branding LinkedIn
Marketing    Customer Service Twitter
Global/International    Culture Facebook
Leadership    Language/Words
Venture Capital    Presenting/Speaking Elevator Speech

Sample Guest Blog Posts

Here are three sample posts. If you'd like to read more guest posts, visit our blog and click Guest Bloggers in the Authors section, right-hand side.

1. From Front Line to Bottom Line - A Soldier's View of the Business Battlefield (Guest: John)
2. Thank You Mr. Lincoln For Your Lesson in Perseverance (Guest: Craig Strent)
3. Mere Mortal or Super Hero? (Guest: Diogenes Ruiz)

Submission Guidelines

Here are the submission guidelines and explanations:

1. Rights    
Your idea is completely original, copyright free, and has not been previously published.
2. Length 
300 to 1,000 words.
3. Style   
Conversational, first-person language.
4. Story       
Includes at least one personal story that has a clear business message that easily connects to the blog post headline.
5. Practical Must include practical, how-to/action steps readers can use immediately.
6. Educational Focus on providing valuable content to our readers. Your work should not sell subtletly or overtly any products or services. Do not submit ideas if you are simply seeking a byline, credit, or link.
7. Byline Include a byline/credit at the bottom of your submission. It should be less than 35 words in length. At your option, include your name, email, telephone, website, Twitter account, Facebook link, and LinkedIn profile link.
8. Picture Optional: Include a professional-looking photograph of yourself. Photo should 72 dpi in JPG/JPEG or PNG format.
9.Industry We accept submissions from professionals NOT in the communications and related fields. Examples of fields not accepted include marketing, sales, public relations, and advertising.
10. Assignment

By submitting your original work and if accepted by The Chief Storyteller, you hereby assign any and all rights, title and interest, including and not limited to, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary rights to the submitted work. We reserve the right to edit and change any part of your work.

Email Us Your Idea

Contact us by clicking on this link. Because we receive a great number of requests, we are unable to acknowledge receipt. Thank you for ideas, readership, and continued support...