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I had the honor of presenting a workshop, "From I to We," for the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. It was at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago.  I am always looking around, noticing marketing materials, messages, customer service, and just plain ol friendly people watching.  Right after I checked in, I went into the elevator and noticed the poster with the tag line, "Every hotel tells a story."  Another winner I thought.  I was excited to talk to the hotel staff to learn more about the campaign history and success. After I got settled, I went down to the front…
Today, I gave the "3 Steps To A Perfect Elevator Speech" workshop to the Harvard Business School Alumni of Washington, DC. Sitting beside me was a woman with a great deal of passion, a wonderful smile and disposition, and a jargon-filled elevator speech. After she told me what she did, she self-admitted that it was very technical. And she said something like, "At networking events, I only talk with people that understand my jargon, my world. If they don't get it that's okay.  Then I wasn't meant to talk with them." I shared with her that in this room alone,…
Monday, September 05, 2005

"In Short" Reduces the Effectiveness

Written by Ira Koretsky
I went shopping today and visited an Under Armour store.  On the store wall was a gigantic placard with the UA brand mission (see below).  It is one of the better descriptions.  Remove "in short" and it will be one of the best.  In short is what I call a "wishy-washy phrase."  It's just like "in other words."  If you need to use either phrase, then you haven't delivered an easily understandable phrase/sentence. It is passive. It detracts from the momentum created by the previous sentences. When In short is removed, I'll gladly consider this elevator speech for the best of category.…
Monday, September 05, 2005

Bob and The Birds (New Cartoon)

Written by Ira Koretsky
Here's a new cartoon that I am using in my presentations and workshops.  What do you think?  Suggestions?
Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pier 1 Imports - Your Home Is Story

Written by Ira Koretsky
I was at a friend's house last night and saw a television ad from Pier 1.  It really, really resonated with me.  The message is crystal clear, engaging, powerful, moving, and is the perfect visual story/visual metaphor: "Your home is a story. How you tell it is up to you."  The commercials are part of Pier 1's new branding and identity campaign started in 2004.  From Pier 1's website: "In 2004, Pier 1 announced that it had signed Deutsch Inc. and OMD Midwest to develop a new marketing campaign for the company. The Pier 1. Life More Interesting. campaign was…
Friday, September 02, 2005


Written by Ira Koretsky
Hello Everyone! Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I am very excited about starting a blog.  Friends, colleagues, clients, Romans, and countrymen have been telling me for months to start one.  It's time.  I look forward to sharing thoughts and reading yours on everything and anything related to business storytelling, content, messaging, and so forth. Best, Ira
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