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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Love Being a Superhero (Guest: Tom Collins)

Written by  All Guest Bloggers
When was the last time someone demanded that you give them your business card? Or, how about the last time someone you never met before telling you they knew you from your business? Both have happened to me and they can happen to you, too.

I have a “Superhero” business card. The card has a cartoon characterization of me on the front (I'm Mr. Internet, by the way) and a black and white photo of me on the back, along with some personal information. Looking at my business card, one can see my face, know where to take me to lunch (sushi is my favorite food), that I probably went to the University of Maryland (the Terrapin is my animal guide) and that I'm a Washington Redskins fan (burgundy & gold are my favorite colors).

I was on an appointment with a prospect for a second time. At the receptionist desk, when asked who I was (so she could call my prospect and let him know I was present), I handed her my business card. She read *both* sides of it and said some positive words. The other receptionist could see the card, but now SHE WANTED ONE FOR HERSELF. She demanded that I give her a card and upon reading it, picked up the phone to call someone else TO TELL THEM ABOUT IT! This is great for business, no???

Recently, I was at an event where over 600 other people were in attendance.

I was schmoozing around the crowd and happened on a young woman dressed in a business suit. I shook hands and introduced myself. She exclaimed, “Tom Collins? I've seen your business card!” Having a memorable name helps but having your picture helps put a name to a face.

I am always on the lookout for ways to differentiate myself and company.

When I found out about while Googling around the Internet, I knew I had found a key differentiator. I went “Shazam!” when I saw the website and samples. The very next day I ordered my own batch. I think they are awesome. I frequently get comments about my card--and it is easy to remember my card--and easier to remember me. I love being a superhero.

Tom Collins

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All Guest Bloggers

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